The relationship between employer and employee is rapidly evolving.  Workers increasingly want to work from home or off-site.  Workforces are more mobile (e.g., laptops, tablets, cellphones) which creates organizational challenges in protecting its and clients' confidential information.  Most participate on social medial for personal and business purposes.  A substantial amount of a corporation’s economic value resides in intellectual property.  How a corporation captures then protects these assets is crucial to long-term sustainability and market value of the firm.  JLF provides services to address these matters including:

- Corporate policies and procedures on working from remote locations and working on mobile devices;
- Social media policy, procedures, and practices;
- Confidentiality agreements and privacy polices;
- Compensation and employment agreements;
- Noncompete agreements;
- Non-solicitation agreements; and
- Employer-employee intellectual property agreements.

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